23 January 2012

Earning Your Sleep

After a long day at work, I am exhausted to say the least. It's 4pm and going to sleep and shutting myself off from the world sounds like a great idea. But, here's the funny thing about me, tomorrow I would feel shitty about it. Instead of being productive and getting things done that are a high priority (like mailing my and Robin's zines to Sean Carswell), I would just waste away on the futon, convalescing in light sleep and thoughts of Robin. Don't get me wrong, that's my plan for later on tonight.

As silly as it sounds, it all comes back to earning your sleep. You know damn well when you're putting off priorities and, what happens?, you wind up feeling bummed about it later on. Whether it's that night or the next day, it doesn't matter. When my head finally hits whatever pillow I've chosen for the night, I like being content with the fact that I beat the hell out of the day, even if it was spent doing simple things like taking a shower, trimming my nails, mailing my zines and buying lightbulbs.

Yes, readers, that's on my agenda for tonight. Somewhere in between all of that is dinner and a couple of beers, too. But it's the principle of the thing. Even keeping yourself busy and on your feet with stuff like that is better than just existing, passing the time by letting your brain rot. There are times, however, where staring at a computer screen and scrolling through Netflix is exactly what is needed at the end of a day.

By constantly keeping yourself busy, even if its reading a book, you're keeping yourself stimulated in a positive way. You're accomplishing something. Much like this bullshit blog entry today. Yes, it's not the most creative of topics, but I am at the point now where I don't wanna go more than a couple days without writing something. I'd like to think it's keeping me sharp.

It's a short post today because I've got stuff to get done tonight. I'm gonna pump myself full of coffee and nicotine and go print some zines. I'm printing issues 1 & 2 to mail to Sean Carswell and Keith Rosson. It's all about networking, folks. If you're not familiar with those authors, you should be.

Also, Robin will be back on Saturday & we'll be seeing BANNER PILOT for the first time. Michull and Maggie are in the same time zone as me and tomorrow's my Friday. Good things are on the way.

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