02 January 2012

A New Mug For A New Year

This Christmas was not only a blast, but it made me realize how well my closest friends know me. Not many of them even asked what I wanted. Along with records and some brand new cast iron skillets, Lairen got me a brand new coffee mug. My old one I had received for a present last year is no longer fitting for me to use. Its the principle of thing, and I won't bore you with the details. This present came as quite a surprise. I had only mentioned wanting this particular style of mug to Robin once. It's some sort of enameled tin or aluminum or some shit. I love my friends.

Along with the new mug, I have also discovered a couple of new coffees that are phenomenal. You should check them out regardless of the cost.

I got three bags of Boyd's Cafe Rojas from work for free a while back. First, I am very choosy when it comes to dark roasts. I had never found one that comes anywhere close to Old Crown's Ninth Degree of Darkness from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Not until I tried this Boyd's roast. Its bold, spicy and has a TON of flavor, even for a dark roast. It's actually one that I would pay full price for on any given day. Sorry, Stumptown, you've been ousted.

This second coffee surprise came out of fucking nowhere. While at Walgreen's trying to track down yet another black beanie (what would have been my third of the season), I came across Maxwell House's Wake Up Roast. It was on sale for 7.99, which is cheaper than the Folger's I drink most of the time. When I brewed up some this morning for the first time, I was floored. Its a mild roast with a lot more flavor than expected. Did I mention that is also has enough caffeine to give me the jitters after a few cups. I can't even remember the last time that happened. This comes highly recommended. I think I've got a new staple coffee for my caffeine addiction.

So, in conclusion, new coffees and a new mug make me quite the happy camper.


  1. So while I remember you saying something about a tin camping mug (I think to Jared at one point), it was Robin who reminded me that you were still pining for one so... Points go to her!

    And now coffee sounds really good. Good thing my little pot only makes 4 cups or I'd be awake all night.

  2. If you weren't so ugly, I'd want one of these mugs too.

  3. seriously, lairen, if you were to drink 4 cups of this maxwell house stuff you'd be awake way longer than expected.


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