07 February 2012

Bars & Bowls & Jello Shots

Yet another long stretch without me posting a blog. It's not my intention, mind you, the last few days have been simply working and spending time with friends late into the night.

With Michull and Maggie back into town, people are coming out from the woodwork and get-togethers have reached marathon proportions. It's been exhausting, but well worth it. Running at such a quick pace, however, has ran me down pretty good. I am battling an awesome head cold but mentally feel relatively good.

Saturday was Maggie's birthday. They spent the day in Astoria while I was at work. After I got off, the sun was shining and it was another clear day in Portland. We met up with Mike and Heather in the early afternoon and spent the afternoon being happy to simply be in the company of each other. We were planning on grilling dinner that night. Upon returning from the store with our food in tow, we were excited to fire up the grill. We were surprised to find the entire thing covered in fuzzy mold. Top to bottom, left to right and on every single grate, fuzzy white fungus was thriving. Safe to say we ended up cooking our vegetable dinner in the oven.

Afterwards, we might up with the rest of the gang at the Horse Brass Pub. We crammed a whole bunch of us into a table that would normally seat six comfortably. Beer began flowing like water and the night burst wide open. Glasses clinked and new friends were made. Talking became louder, smiles became bigger. I am very glad that Michull and Maggie hit it off with not only Mike and Heather real well, but Frankie and Matty, too. Those four people have quickly become very important people in my life, and I am thankful to be able to finally share them with two of my closest friends.

Eventually, we made our way back down the street to the Triple Nickel. It's the epitome of a shithole bar, but when I'm with these particular people, we can turn any place into a wonderful experience. Drinks kept coming and I bought Michull and Maggie and Robin jello shots. It's kind of a tradition every time we wind up at that bar. The night got sloppy and hazy at this point. We evenutally all made our way home safely and I ended up getting about two hours of sleep before heading into work.

After work on Sunday, Robin and I met back up with Heather and took her flamboyantly gay dog to the park. The girls ate Subway while I kept Roscoe on his leash. The sun and the wind and the green grass helped slightly to clear my brain-melting hangover. It was good to breathe in fresh, spring-like air. Afterwards, Frankie and Matty had us over for a Super Bowl party. Now, I'm not one for sports, but I love the tradition of Super Bowl parties. Friends and beer and too much food always means a good time. We were there late into the night. I desperately needed sleep, but it was another night that I would have to wait to get some. Maybe Monday, I thought.

Monday was a pretty run-of-the-mill day at work, and my only priorities after were acquiring pretzel rolls and spending the day holed up in our apartment with Robin. Our plan worked quite well, and we spent most of the evening on the futon, falling asleep to documentaries on Netflix. It's something that we're pretty damn good at. I finally got a decent amount of sleep and tomorrow's begins my two days off. I've got no plans really, except Michull and Maggie coming over for dinner on Thursday. I'm going to spend the time with Robin and hopefully acquire a receiver and speakers for our turntable.

I'm hoping pretty soon to get back to my semi-regular updates with this blog. Keep your eyes peeled, readers.

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