13 February 2012

No Clever Title Today

Over the past few weeks, it seems like I've been in constant motion. Sleep hardly seems an option half the time. Work during the day, play during the night. It's been quite rewarding overall, and now that I have a couple hours before hitting the road again, I've got time to actually update this thing.

Just under a month and a half into the new year, 2012 has already been filled with quite a bit of firsts. I've already posted about some of them, but a couple other ones have quickly made their way to the forefront. I am very grateful for the many wonderful things this year has already offered.

1) Our small group of close friends has gotten bigger and more inclusive, but just as tight-knit, with the arrival of Michull and Maggie. As I have said before, having them meet some of the new people in our lives was something very important to me. Within five minutes of introductions, our family practically doubled. No judgements needed passed, and first impressions became lasting ones.

2) Robin's return to town marked a new era for the two of us it seems. Not only was it the longest span of time we went without the comfort of being side by side, but since then it seems as if the whole city has opened up. We've been making it more of our own than we ever have before. Days will go by where we drive back and forth across Portland, tracking down whatever our hearts desire, keeping the pace with a happy sort of weariness. We've been places that, in two years of living here, were still completely foreign to us. We've come across (not-so) hidden gems of bars and restaurants and record stores. Our sense of adventure seemed to have been misplaced for a while, but we've dusted it off and put it back to good use.

3) With our group of peers ever-growing and with the ragged pace that Robin and I thrive in, a new soundtrack has assimilated into our lives. There's still the old favorites that are continuously played, but new music has come into our possession and spun itself into our fabric. The Creeps & Crusades, two Canadian bands, have been breaths of fresh air for us. Slightly on the darker side of music, their anthems and their heart-on-their-sleeve emotion help keep the beat when we're feeling run-down. The give us a second wind when we need it most. I've also been listening to a lot more of the Ramones than I ever have before. Maybe it's just me getting older, but I find the classics (especially in punk) a lot more refreshing than rehashed bullshit poppunk. Otis Redding was somewhat of a new discovery for me as of late, and there are few better ways to spend days off than listening to him and drinking coffee with Robin.

I am grateful for those I surround myself with. I am grateful that there's still music with heart and soul. I am grateful that there's people out there in both the music world and in my group of friends that actually still give a shit.

Tonight, I'm going to see Mike's band STONE COLD DREAMERS play their first show ever. It's a small, private party for us and I am very looking forward to it. Safe to say, I'll be whoring that band around here as much as I can.

It's dinner-time, asshole.

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