16 March 2012

Behind The Scenes

The last few days have been spent in the folds of obscurity. Between restless sleep and running at a ragged pace, nights have been spent with machines. Quiet mornings have been spent with coffee and cigarettes, rapidly attempting to burn away the weariness.

Work as of late has been extremely taxing on my body. I wake up each morning racked with pain, taking all too long to assimilate myself into the day. With swollen hands, I pour my coffee. My swollen feet fit perfectly into my steel-toe boots. It's a good sort of discomfort, though. I've rightfully earned it. And as you know, readers, there are few things I take more pride in.

Yawning on my drive home, I plan the evening, finding any opportunity I can to keep myself awake. If I can keep myself on my feet, I have no time to give into exhaustion. I daydream of sleeping constantly. When the time finally comes to catch up on it, I'm already half awake. Maybe one of these days it'll happen.

The other morning, Robin woke me up at 5am to say her goodbyes before she went off to work. I knew the second the left the room I wasn't going to go back to bed. I drug my sore body out of bed to spend those precious pre-dawn hours with her. I took her to work so she didn't have to brave a snowy and slushy walk. For one reason or another, the topic of Sega Genesis came up. Maybe it the fact we were already strung out on coffee and cigarettes and still barely awake, but our eyes lit up like kids on Christmas. We decided then and there to acquire one and spend the evening playing Sonic The Hedgehog. With little trouble at all, we got a complete setup in great condition with a couple games for forty bucks.

With our new toy in possession, we've been quite the homebodies the last couple of days. Our nights have been spent together, playing records and talking. Writing and drinking. Falling in love again. When our workdays finally come to a close, we look forward to nothing more than shutting ourselves off from the world behind locked doors. The two of us, we have everything we need in each other.

It is nice, however, when the world opens back up. When the skies clear and the grey becomes a little bluer, our sense of adventure brightens, too.

I am looking forward to spending the evening with Robin and the rest of The Camaraderie. Tomorrow is the first St. Patty's day I've been excited for in a very long time. If anything, it gives me a reason to spend all day drinking Guinness. Which is exactly what I plan to do, friends my side and (hopefully) some Pogues songs on the jukebox.

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